Anne Welford – leaving party

Anne WelfordAnne Welford will be moving from Hamsterley to Wiltshire shortly and her friends and colleagues (old and new) wanted to mark the occasion with a special event.

A leaving party was duly organised and took place in the village hall this evening (June 19th).

There was a great turnout as everyone wished to thank Anne for the contribution she has made to village life over the past 28 years.

Val Bartlett presented Anne with a leaving present – a watercolour of the village duck pond – painted by Marney Swan of Bedburn Old Hall.  The painting depicts the pond in Spring, flanked by daffodils and trees that are just beginning to bud, and with Hamsterley House, Anne’s home, in the background.  I’m sure it will take pride of place in Anne’s new home and be a constant and happy reminder of the village.

Val thanked Anne for all she had done for the village and said how much she would be missed.

Anne thanked Val and everyone who had helped organise the party.  She said how much she would miss her friends in the village, but she is now looking forward to a new phase in her life with her family in Wiltshire.  Anne was accompanied by her daughter and granddaughters.  They made sure they had the signatures of everyone who attended the party as a fitting momento of the evening.

Anne Welford leaving party

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