Website visitors from across the world

Since its launch only a few weeks ago, the website has been visited by people from all over the world.

The site has received 3,034 page views from 388 different visitors.

We have had visitors from seven countries including Canada (Medicine Hat and Toronto), The US (California, Utah, Illinois and Arizona), Australia (Brisbane and Sydney) and from The Caneries (San Christobal de la Laguna).  Do we have some ‘expats’ out there, I wonder?

In the UK we have had visits from as far afield as Glasgow, Falmouth, Ipswich, Chipping Norton and Salford / Manchester (over 100 visitors) as well as many locally.

So, the website is certainly being viewed.  The more interesting and dynamic the site is, the more visitors we will get.  So, if you can help by contributing something to the site, please contact us.

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2 Responses to Website visitors from across the world

  1. Tony Hatton says:


    We’re Canadians and we love the site. We visited Hamsterley some years back to see relatives in the area and will be coming back again soon!
    The site has been great in helping us look for accommodation and plan our visit.
    Tony Hatton

  2. Admin says:

    Dear Tony,

    Thank you for your kind comments. We are pleased the website has been of some use to you.

    I hope you have a good visit.

    The Hamsterley Village Website Team.

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