Watch out! Bogus tree surgeons

We understand that last week there was a TV news item about men posing as tree surgeons (not necessarily in this area) who have been conning people out of large sums of money for tree felling or pruning work, which is then never carried out or is done badly.

The article Bogus tree surgeons con cash from elderly relates one example:

A Hamsterley resident told me yesterday that she was approached a few days ago by a scruffy type offering to do tree clearance work at the bottom of her garden. She told him very firmly that she was not interested and he left − but it suggests that bogus tree surgeons are in the area, ready to con anyone who may be tempted by this sort of offer.

Please be careful not to be taken in by such an approach, and please mention the problem to any neighbours who may not be on email or the Internet to receive this information.

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