Film Club Audience Survey

There were 24 replies to the Film Club survey.

The results are:

How often should the Film Club meet?

Monthly 16
Fortnightly 4

What genre of films would you like the Film Club to show?

Drama 20
Comedy 18
Action / Adventure / Thriller 15
Musicals 15
Romance / Chick Lit 13
Animation 10
Sci-Fi 7
Western 6
Horror 2
–      Sea stories
–      Film 4 / Independent films
–      Historical
–      French
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5 Responses to Film Club Audience Survey

  1. Phillipa Edwards says:

    is there any way of suggesting future films?

  2. John Espiner says:

    The survey was intended to allow the suggestion of films. Obviously it did not reach enough people. No one who responded suggested a specific film.
    Send suggestions to me or David Crook and make sure you are on either our email list or that of Caroline Peacock

  3. John says:

    Film Club survey- page says “to see the results” and then there is no link?

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