Teesdale Action Partnership – your opportunity to influence its work in 2011-2012

TAPCaroline Peacock, Clerk to Hamsterley Parish Council writes:

Dear All,

We (the ‘local community’) are being invited to submit suggestions for new priorities that the Teesdale Action Partnership should support in 2011-2012.

The new priorities will be introduced at the TAP Forum meeting, open to the public, at the Glaxo Sports and Social Club on Wednesday 17th November from 5.30pm.  Suggestions have to be submitted no later than November 12th.

In the past session, the priorities addressed by the TAP have been:
Access to Broadband (in the process, now, of being delivered)
Environment and Street Scene (many current projects still ongoing, including a Teesdale-wide litter clearance initiative)
Support for Older People (various, of which the best publicised is probably the TOPS or Teesdale Older People’s Small-grants scheme, offering funds to local groups working with the elderly)
Services for Children and Young People (again, several ongoing projects)
You can support these same four again, or you can put forward new suggestions.

For example, Jonathan and I, writing personally rather than as Parish Councillor and Clerk, have submitted a suggestion urging the TAP to address one of the priorities that was not followed up last time round.  This is that the TAP should work to promote Tourism, Jobs and Economic Prosperity for Teesdale.  Tourism was very nearly a TAP priority before, but narrowly missed out on being one of the four selected by the TAP board to be addressed in the first session.

You may like to make alternative suggestions, of course, but please do at any rate put them forward.  From our own experience as TAP sub-group members, there is a lot of work being done that doesn’t hit the headlines but is still very worthwhile.

You can submit your suggestions to the TAP Chairman, Sandra Moorhouse, via tap@durham.gov.uk or contact the TAP office on 01833 696231.

Best wishes to you all – and thank you,


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