Family History

Victorian childrenWe are pleased to announce a new web page − Family History. You can find it on on the Community tab.

If you have an enquiry on your family connections with Hamsterley or South Bedburn, please contact us.

We will continue to publish enquiries on the Home page, and when they ‘drop off the bottom’, we will copy them to the Family History page as a permanent record.

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  1. Margaret Howe says:

    I have seen one or two references to the Bainbridge family. I remember a Mrs Bainbridge when I lived in the village in the early 1940s. I have a cookery book and a diary belonging to my mother and one belonging to my grandmother with references to Mrs Bainbridge. I am hoping to come to the History Day when I will bring the books with me.
    My grandparents were called Mr and Mrs Joll. My mother and I were called Maguire. My mothers first name is Dora – she is 98.

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