Hamsterley Parish Council – Minutes of Meeting – 11 October 2010

Parish Council Minutes of  a meeting of Hamsterley Parish Council

at 6pm on Monday 11th October 2010 in The Village Hall, Hamsterley


1. Present: Jane Bee, Mark Coatsworth, Mike Edmonds, Sue Heslop, Richard Hughes, Julia Hunter, Jonathan Peacock

2. Apologies: none received

3. Approval of previous Minutes: JH, SH.

4. Matters arising:

a)      Damage to Village Green (SH) – barrels and plants costing a total of £150 are now in position.  Reflectors have been obtained and JP will fix them to the barrels.  The barrels continue to be moved, presumably by residents as not, apparently, by the refuse vehicle.  One Rhododendron has been damaged.  Consequently there is now a proposal to fix the barrels in position.  If problems continue it may be necessary to erect bollards instead, but these are thought to be less suited to the rural appearance of the Green, and much more expensive as a solution.

b)     Condition of the village pond and possibility of work by Groundwork Trust (CP).  CP will now put a formal request to Groundwork to schedule clearance work as soon as possible.

c)      Grass cutting of the green has deteriorated in standard (JP).  Five tenders had been received in response to the advertisement in the Teesdale Mercury.  The contract will be awarded to Callum Taylor.  The contract would be awarded for one year, subject to review.

5. Planning


a)      Application 6/2010/0240/DM for a first floor rear extension to 1-2 Roslyn Terrace for Mr Nick Lamont (revised plans) – approved.

b)     Application no 6/2010/0261/DM for conversion to residential use at Holly View for Mr G Hunter.  Temporarily withdrawn.


a)      Application no 6/2010/0253/DM, renewal of extant planning approval for conversion of store to residential at Diddridge Farm for Mr S Petch. Site visit pending.

b)     Application no 6/2010/0292/DM by Mr Philip Thompson for renewal of extant planning permission 6/2007/0297/DM for the erection of 3 dwellings.  Extension of response time requested at DCC to Tuesday 12 October was granted.  The Councillors again recommend refusal on grounds of narrow access to the site, but would also draw to DCC’s attention a recent High Court ruling that may in fact render a completely new application necessary.

c)      Application no 6/2010/0302/DM for change of use from agricultural to a mixed use for general log cutting, associated works & erection of log storage building, behind Cross Keys, for Mr S Gibson.  The Councillors have serious concerns about this now more active business operation on grounds of noise, access and safety.

6. Accounts

a) Annual subscription to CDALC.  Proposed and seconded, SH, ME.

b) Grass cutting payment.  Proposed and seconded, subject to SH checking that the tenth cut has indeed been carried out, RH, MC.

c) Payment to Teesdale Mercury for Advertisement.  Proposed and seconded, RH, JH.

d) Annual payment to Parish Clerk.  Proposed and seconded, SH, JH.

e) Payment for the tubs and plants on the Village Green.  Proposed and seconded, RH, SH.

f) Payment to Colin Walton for felling and removing Cherry Tree on Green, Proposed and seconded, RH, ME.

Date of next meeting: Monday 13th December 2010.

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