The Monday Club – Heron Holloway

Heron HollowayCaroline Peacock writes:

“Nobody wants to go far in this weather, I’m sure, if they don’t have to – but here’s a lovely opportunity to enjoy some entertainment on the doorstep…

Heron Holloway has lived in – and travelled to – many different countries, as her parents have both had long careers in the Third World Aid field.  Heron herself is about to move from working for the Red Cross in London to Habitat for Humanity in Singapore.  She is bringing slides and anecdotes from all sorts of different places and occasions, and she’s coming all the way from London specially to share these with us – so it would be great to welcome her with a really good audience!

Also, as you know by now, the Village Hall is genuinely warm (!), the event is free (including the refreshments) and it’s the perfect way to catch up with friends. We look forward to seeing you at 7.30 on Monday 17th January.”

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