Al Kirtley – Hamsterley Lodge

Victorian childrenAl Kirtley writes:

“You may recall we’ve had previous contact between your site and ours ( and I wonder if you can help us.

“We’re trying to identify Hamsterley Lodge, which we’ve seen referred to as the home of William Robinson, whom we believe married Margaret Blackett at Hamsterley in 1765”

“I’ve seen your reference to an invitation by Mrs. and Miss White to a tea party at Hamsterley Lodge in1841 and I wonder if you can identify this property for us, e.g. what was the house for which it acted as a lodge?

“We’re pretty sure the references we’ve found relate to “your” Hamsterley and not the one near Ebchester that was the home of the Surtees family.

“Any help will be much appreciated.”

Read more on the Family History page.

If you have any information that could help Al, please contact us.

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