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WI LogoAt our recent monthly meeting, one of the items discussed was the closure of the tourist information office in Barnard Castle. Whilst it was of concern that the staff will lose their jobs, the members felt it would have wider repercussions in S/W Durham. The nearest tourism office will now be Durham City.

Although details of accommodation, events, activates, places of interest etc can be found on their web site, many people use the office as they are able to seek information first hand, local knowledge is important. The financial effect on Teesdale was of major concern as a number of farms and small communities in the area have diversified into B & B and outdoor activates.

The closure of the office flies in the face of an article in the Northern Echo 11 Jan. 2011 with the headlines “£100m tourism boost to the region”. A major contributor to the fund is the North East based DFDS Seaways Ltd. The fund is to boost tourism in the N/E, create 50.000 jobs to help with the 1M extra visitors who could potentially bringing £26bn in extra revenue to the region. Great news so why close Barnard Castle tourist office?

As a well respected organisation with concern for rural life, Hamsterley WI is interested in the views and opinions of other people in the area and how it may affect them. Just leave a reply below or contactg me.

Sue Davies

Hamsterley WI.

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