Methodist Church – Grand Tombola

The Methodist ChurchCaroline Peacock writes:

“Dear Friends,
As you know, the Methodist Chapel is planning to make some improvements, not least a covered way between the chapel itself and the hall, and the introduction of much better toilet and kitchen facilities.  Good sums of money have been raised already and more is being provided by various fund-giving bodies – but there’s still a bit to find, so your help with this ‘Grand Tombola’ will certainly help.   Other events are in the pipeline, so watch this space…  “

Calling all ‘Buy 1 get 1 Free’ customers!

The Methodist Chapel needs your help, we will be organising a grand tombola in the near future and would like to ask you all if we could have your ‘1 Free’ items. We do not mind what the product is, as long as it has a long shelf life and does not contain alcohol.

Your help would be most appreciated, as it has been in the past. Without the love and generosity of all the local community the future renovations to the chapel would not be possible.

Thank you and God Bless

Please contact Nick or Maria, on 01388 740684 to arrange drop off or collection of products.

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