The Descent of Man

The Descent of ManHighlights Rural Touring Scheme presents Grand Theatre of Lemmings in…

The Descent of Man

Hamsterley Village Hall, Sunday 20th March at 6.30pm.

Using a giant book with illustrations that spring to life through film and imagination together with live music, this show is frantic fun, the plot farcical.

Ideal entertainment for families (children from 6 years)

Tickets: Adults £6, Children £4, Family £18.

Please call Jaquie on 01388-488323.

The review below gives you more idea of what the evening will offer.

Grand Theatre of Lemmings, the second International Village of Culture Collaborative Commission set off at the end of last week on the 21 date northern tour with 4 nights in West Cumbria.

Working in collaboration with French improvisational musician Samuel Gardes, The Descent of Man is a terrifically surreal and comic descent into controlled chaos. The plot, like Darwin’s theories, evolves but not necessarily in the right direction. I saw the show on Sunday night with Arts Out West, and was too busy laughing to keep a critical eye on proceedings

How would you describe it?

A fun night out for all, with film, animation, song, live music (on celery, whisk and dodo) combining the surrealism of the best of traditional English humour (think dead parrots, dead dodos, Lemmings singing songs about being “misunderstood”) with the surrealism of French physical theatre. I have no idea of the plot, but the memory of a pile of small furry lemmings being shot (safely) into the audience will stay for a long time.  As will the sight of Scunthorpe being blown up. Repeatedly.  They did it all in a space 5m x 4m.

If you have anyone coming along thinking it’s a serious story about Charles Darwin, best to warn them.

For images please visit: and look at “Grand Theatre of Lemmings”

“It was great to see the Grand theatre of Lemmings really experimenting with this new show and pulling it off with aplomb! Still inventive, still anarchic, still fun after all these years together – what an achievement!”Stella Hall, then Creative Director,  Culture10 Newcastle and Gateshead ~ on a preview performance of the new rural touring show, ‘The descent of man’.

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