The Great Hamsterley Litter Pick 2011

Big Spring CleanThe ‘Litter Free Durham’ Hamsterley litter pick will take place on Sunday 10th April 2011.

Two sessions: 10am-12noon and 1pm-4pm.

We will be picking litter as far as possible along the four main village access roads

If you would like to take part, please call Simon on 488024 or e-mail

Simon previously wrote:

Dear all,

The litter pick is nearly upon us!

Kate Close from Durham County Council will be with us from approx 9.30am on Sunday; she’ll be doing a risk assessment prior to our start.

Kate also advised that she will be bringing the following for us; bags, litter pick sticks, hi-vis vests, gloves and goggles……… fact, the lot!

Please still bring your own gloves if you prefer and any other items you feel appropriate.

If everyone turns up, we could split into 2 groups in the morning;

Group 1: Daniel Lane as far as the caravan site and then turn right along Ravensford Lane.

Group 2: Saunders Avenue out of the village and as far as the turn at the top end.

Then in the afternoon;

Group 3: Bedburn Road as far as the pond and then also along Howlea lane, time permitting.

Group 4: Church bank, all the way down to the A68 (because it is most disgusting at the bottom: I will gladly do this one)

I hope this sounds like a plan but I welcome any other suggestions.

See you on Sunday, either just before 10am or just before 1pm……………or both!

There is the slight chance we will have a celebratory pint or 2 afterwards in the Keys.


Simon previously wrote:

“Dear Friends,

As you will see from poster at the left and the letter below, Litter Free Durham month is upon us.

I for one am fed up of all the litter along the roadsides of all four of Hamsterley’s access roads.

I am looking for as many people as possible to join me sometime in March/April to help clean up these areas (Sunday 10th April – see below)

If you’d like to be involved, please e-mail me on or call me on 488024.

If you do e-mail me, please let me know which date(s) suits you best (I can only do weekends but don’t let that stop you from organising your own litter-picking during the week).

Once I have a consensus for a date(s), I’ll contact the Litter Free Durham folk to book a slot.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

NB: Safety Note; as we will be litter picking along the roadsides, I think it best not to include children on this occasion.


Simon previously wrote:

“Just to update:

I’ve booked the Hamsterley Litter Pick for Sunday 10th April. 2 sessions” 10am-12 noon and 1pm-4pm; this provides volunteers a choice and allows for other events, church etc. (I’ll be picking throughout)

The Litter Free Durham support people will be there also and will bring us our tabards, bags etc.

We’ll meet at the War Memorial.

If there are enough of us, we could split into 2 teams and go our separate ways, along the 4 access roads in and out of the village. We can decide nearer the time.

So far, we have:

Simon Raine
Jonathan and Caroline Peacock
Vicky Chilcott and family
John and Liz Warren
Derek Toon
Cecil Blackburn (will confirm)
Graham Tindale (possibly p.m.)
1-2 Litter Free Durham personnel

Please see the attached guide to litter picking and let me know if you have any suggestions for the day or if there’s anything outstanding I should be aware of.

Thanks again for volunteering!


LitterFree Durham CPRE

Big Spring Clean 19 March to 16 April 2011

LitterFree Durham is a voluntary group within the County Durham Branch of CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England). With the support of Durham County Council and Darlington Borough Council we are organising a Big Spring Clean across both county and borough.  It will run from 19 March to 16 April 2011, which are the last four weeks before the start of the school Easter holidays.

This message is to request your help.  Please join in our Big Spring Clean.

Littered places look unattractive and on occasion both unpleasant and threatening.  Everyone would prefer that the litter was not there – it reduces the quality of life for all who have to live, work or travel amongst it.

The collection of litter is legally the responsibility of the two Councils and we think both do a good job.  But so much litter is now dropped that we believe it is just not possible for them to keep all the streets, roads and public spaces litter free.  In spite of the fact in the four years to March 2009 local authorities in England increased their spending on road cleaning 49%, we still see too much litter lying about about.

Please help us by organising a Litter Pick in your locality – we shall be very happy to give advice and help.   To avoid clashes of dates (which might mean several groups seeking to borrow equipment on the same day) we have arranged with the County Council that during the period of the Big Spring Clean they will only lend equipment and provide rubbish bags to groups who have agreed with LitterFree Durham a date for their Pick.  Please therefore get in touch with us as soon as you have decided to hold a Pick.

A copy of our poster is attached and we shall be very grateful if you will kindly print this out and display it or forward it by email to all who may be interested.  If you would like copies by post please let us know and we will send you as many as you wish.

To contact us: Email Call or text  0757 253 1725


In County Durham advice and assistance can also be obtained from the County Council by contacting the Senior Pride Officer for your area:

  • East area (formerly Durham City and Easington district)
  • North area (formerly Chester-le-Street and Derwentside districts)
  • South area ( formerly Sedgefield, Wear Valley and Teesdale districts)

Best wishes and we do hope we shall hear from you.

Kit Bartram
Chairman, LitterFree Durham CPRE

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