Hamsterley Primary School News – March 2011

Primary School signZoolab!

On Tuesday 8th March, we had a visit from Michelle of ZooLab, who brought her collection of exotic pets to illustrate a talk on nocturnal animals. We met Medusa the 50cm Corn Snake, Charlotte the Madagascan Hissing Cockroach, Gary the African Giant Land Snail, Rosie the Chilean Rose Tarantula and Millie the Giant African Millipede.

The children had the opportunity to handle some of the animals and learn about their habitat, diet, and how they have adapted to their environment. Gary had an attack of stage fright and only emerged from his shell right at the end, just as Michelle was about to pack up. Star of the show was the pet rat Bubbles, who was very friendly and really enjoyed meeting the children.

FairTrade Day

On Thursday 10th March, the children organised a FairTrade coffee afternoon as part of Fair Trade Fortnight. They provided Fair Trade tea and coffee and sold FairTrade cakes and biscuits, some of which the children had baked that morning.  People also had the opportunity to get creative and decorate a piece of FairTrade cotton bunting. At the end of FairTrade fortnight, all the pieces of bunting decorated around the country are going to be stitched together in an attempt to break the world record for the longest continual piece of bunting. The idea is to help tell more people about how FairTrade cotton protects the livelihoods of cotton farmers and to pressure decision-makers to make trade fairer for cotton farmers in West Africa.

Used Batteries Please

We are involved in a project called ‘Re charging the Earth’. The school which collects the highest battery weight per pupil wins a rechargeable battery pack! So, please send us all of your batteries. If you’d like us to come and collect, please ring 488279.

We are also collecting Sainsbury and Tesco vouchers if you have any spare.

Litter Free Durham

As part of our support for the Litter Free Durham initiative, we recently took part in a poster and flyer competition. Perhaps you had one through your letterbox?

Thankyou to our Wonderful Volunteers

We have had a lot of new volunteers from the village recently and we are so grateful to them for their help. So, a big thank you to the W.I. knitting ladies, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Swindale.

Eco-School Gardening Project

The money raised from the Fair Trade Cafe is to be used to buy gardening tools etc to be used by the children at the gardening club which is to be run after school in the summer term.

Any green fingered volunteers welcome.

There is more about Hamsterley Primary School on the School page and on the School Website.

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