High Speed Broadband at Reasonable Cost

BroadbandCaroline Peacock writes:

“At long last access to a good broadband service is within reach.  The attached page explains the system that is currently being installed throughout Teesdale, guaranteeing decent broadband speeds to all households.”

High speed broadband at reasonable cost

A project team was set up last year as part of the TAP (the Teesdale Area Action Partnership) to deliver a proper broadband service to the whole of Teesdale – guaranteeing 100% coverage at a minimum of 2Mbps (ie: a download speed of 2 megabytes per second, which is probably about four times faster than even those with a relatively good connection at present are getting).  This service is now being installed, and will become available to all in the near future.

The contractor is Networks by Wireless, who are using a novel (for this country) technology based on a series of repeater stations.  The primary station is at Brusselton above Bishop Auckland, and there will then be a series of repeater stations across the whole of Teesdale.

The Hamsterley repeater will be on the back of the village hall, and we expect planning approval from Durham County Council very soon.  The system should go live some time next month.  For those of you who live to the south west of the village, the Crake Scar repeater is already live, so you should be able to link up now.

The system guarantees a minimum speed of 2Mbps (megabytes per second), but if you need a higher speed it can be purchased, up to a maximum of 40Mbps.

The initial connection cost will be the same for everyone, and requires the one-off purchase of a “dongle” which fits into a USB port on a computer.  The charge for this will be £50.  That sum will not have to be paid again, and the company guarantees that if you happen to be in an area where reception remains poor for some reason, they will upgrade your connection to match anyone else’s, without further charge.

Thereafter, you will simply choose your internet package in the same way as you do now, starting at £19.99 per month for the 2Mbps service, which offers unlimited, 24-hour use; you can opt to pay more if higher speeds are important to you.

Within two weeks you will receive a mail shot which will give you contact details.  If you live in the Crake Scar direction and want to move to the new system sooner you can e-mail Neil Metcalfe of Networks by Wireless at neil.metcalfe@nbw.net .

If you want more information, please ring Jonathan Peacock, who is a member of the Teesdale Action Partnership Broadband Delivery Group, on 01388 488305.

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