Hamsterley Primary School News – April 2011

Primary School signPlanetarium visit

On March 24th, Dr Paula Chadwick from the Physics Department at Durham University visited the school with a mobile planetarium. We all went over to the village hall where the children crawled down a dark tunnel into the depths of the planetarium. The gradual appearance of the stars as our eyes became accustomed to the dark was awe-inspiring.

We then went out to the village green to pace out a scale model of the solar system with a beach ball representing the sun; but we had to abandon the attempt after Saturn when we realised that we’d have to walk out past Heidi Warren’s house to get to Neptune! Amazing!

Big Sing Wolsingham

On April 12th, Class 2 took part in the first ever Weardale Schools ‘Big Sing’. This was organised by the Durham Music Service and brought children together from local schools. The theme for this year’s concert was ‘The Sea’. At the rehearsal, the boys were asked to sit alongside boys from other schools to help lead their singing! Praise indeed! The whole school group were also entrusted with learning the harmony parts for the concert. Thank you to all the children who took part and to the parents and other adults who came along to the concert.

Car racing

We are taking part in the Jaguar ‘Maths in Motion’ Race Challenge. Children have to design a Formula 1 racing car using computer software. We recently held races in school and the car designed by Charlie Dixon won. Charlie’s car was then entered into a race against cars from schools all around the country, and was the winning car from the North East. We are currently designing a new car for the National Semi-Finals – if we get through that, the final will take place in Warwickshire at the Heritage Motor Museum. Good luck!

Easter performance

We held a lovely service in the Methodist Chapel on April 13th which was well attended. Thank you to all who supported us and thank you to the Methodist Church for hosting us.

School Website

The website has been updated http://www.hamsterley.durham.sch.uk/. Please do visit the site and if you have any suggestions about additional items, we’d like to hear from you.


In addition to collecting old batteries, we are recycling old clothes, shoes and bags etc. A collection bin will be placed just inside the school gates. We would be grateful if anyone would like to put in their old items as the school receives 50p per kilo for school funds.

Green Fingers Please!

Gardening club is starting after Easter – we would welcome any green fingered volunteers to help Mrs Stephens to run the club. Please don’t be shy! Call us on 488279.


Thank you to everyone who has given us their Morrison and Sainsbury vouchers – if anyone has any more we will gladly accept them. We will let everyone know what we purchased when the children have decided what they would like.

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