The Great Hamsterley Litter Pick 2011 – Report

Litter Pick - The morning shiftSimon Raine writes:

“Litter Pickers of the World unite!

You have nothing to lose… but for the skin on your arms and legs as you dive into the whinny bush!

I hereby declare myself winner of the most scratches competition even though John Warren does have a beauty on his forehead.

Seriously, a huge THANKYOU to you all for your fantastic efforts yesterday.

We collected 68, yes 68 large sacks of rubbish from the lanes of Hamsterley. Caroline also found a pretty nasty dumping ground down church bank on the left which she will report as a fly tipping area.

I’m just hoping that the council have collected the bags from the front of the house by now, otherwise I’ll be getting complaints!

If you are all still mad enough to do it again, I suggest we have another pick at the back end when I am sure there will be another large amount of Red Bull cartons, cigarette packets, bottles, cans and associated wrappers.

However, it wasn’t all modern rubbish; I found a Tudor crisps bag which took me back to the 70’s and Derek Toon found a bottle from the Bishop Auckland Brewing Company – 1950’s?

Thanks again all, it was much appreciated. The pickers were:

  • Simon Raine
  • Derek Toon
  • Jonathan and Caroline Peacock
  • John, Liz and Adam Warren
  • Deborah Monk
  • Vicky and Simon Chilcott
  • Cec Blackburn
  • Andy and Anna Houseman (the little girl)
  • Julia Hunter

PS. A big THANKS to Kate Close for looking after us so well all day and hanging on until the bitter end!”

The result - 68 bags of rubbish.

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One Response to The Great Hamsterley Litter Pick 2011 – Report

  1. John Wearmouth says:

    Well done to the litter pickers!
    Noticed the difference already.

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