Parish Council Meeting

Parish CouncilCaroline Peacock writes:

Dear Friends,

The Parish Council will meet at 7.00pm in the Village Hall on Monday 12th September.  Banks Renewables have applied for permission to make a presentation about their proposal to erect five 115-metre wind turbines at Windy Bank, west of Hamsterley alongside the road along the top of the Forest.  They have been told that they may do so, provided it does not last for more than five minutes.  The Councillors do, after all, have the full planning application in front of them now.

The Banks presentation will be given at the beginning of the meeting.  Discussion of the planning application will come up under ‘New Business’ later in the agenda.

You are welcome to attend of course, although you will not be able to speak.  If you have any questions you particularly want asked, please email Councillor Jonathan Peacock at this address before Monday.

If, rather than asking a question, you simply want your arguments for or against the project to be taken into consideration by the Councillors, please send your views in writing to Jane Bee, who will as usual be chairing the meeting.  You are welcome to send messages to this email address, marked for Jane’s attention.

Many thanks,

Parish Clerk, Hamsterley Parish Council

Parish Council Meeting

The Parish Council will meet next on Monday 12th September in the Village Hall at 7pm.

One important item on the agenda will be Planning Application no. CMA/6/48 for five wind turbines on land to north of the Village of Woodland.

This is the proposal by Banks Renewables Ltd to erect five turbines 115 metres in height, on land just south of Windy Bank Road alongside Hamsterley Forest.  The proposed access route for site construction, however, would be from Crane Row Lane, across 4km of farmland including the Linburn beck, and the road constructed for that purpose would remain in place.

For those concerned about the means and route of connection to the Grid, this is not a matter for this planning application but the suggestion is to route the power lines overhead, on poles rather than pylons, to Toronto.

If you wish to comment on this application, please would you contact any of the Parish Councillors in advance of the Meeting, in writing please to make your views known.  All parishioners are of course welcome to attend the Meeting but only to listen, not to speak.

The Parish Councillors are:
Jane Bee, Chair
Mark Coatsworth
Sue Heslop
Richard Hughes
Julia Hunter
Jonathan Peacock

If anyone needs contact details for any of the above, please let me know.

Caroline Peacock
Parish Clerk




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