Hamsterley Hoppings 5

Hamsterley Hoppings 5The Hoppings Planning team would like to extend their thanks and gratitude to everyone who contributed to yet another successful day, despite the weather! There are far too many people to thank individually and the reality would be that we would miss someone out, so it is easier to say one big thank you to anyone who contributed their time, talents, money, skills, resources, and physical strength to making the event happen. There were easily over 65 people who contributed in some way, so as well as raising money for good causes it also demonstrates the vibrancy of this village. A visitor was overheard saying “Is there anything this village doesn’t do?”

Also thanks to those who entered competitions (a full list of winners will be published on the web site), who attended on the day, and encouraged others to attend on the day. Without these people the day would be extremely dull!

The amount of money raised is still being finalised, and we will let you know in due course. The Butterwick Hospice have already expressed their thanks to Hamsterley, and we would also like to thank them for their help in the planning process and on the day. Some of the monies raised both this year and in the past have been contributed to the village. So far The Hoppings has paid for the water boiler in the Village Hall, helped with the upkeep of the Village Hall, and this year we have been pleased to sponsor the village website www.hamsterleyvillage.com. The Hoppings itself has also raised the profile of Hamsterley and hopefully supported local businesses in their trades. If you have any ideas for events / activities in the village that would benefit from some financial support then please talk to one of the planning team.

So once again, thank you!
The Hoppings Planning Team

See photographs of the Hoppings on the Gallery / Hoppings 5 page.

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David writes:  “I found a piece of jigsaw on the green today near where the jigsaws were being sold for the charity. A box or two blew off the table in the hurricanes! and one deposited some of its contents on the grass. They tried to gather all of the pieces but must have missed one. It is a piece of deep blue sky with a wisp of cloud. Available to be claimed by ringing Ady on 488131.”

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