Monday Club Meeting

SnowflakeCaroline Peacock writes:
“Dear Friends,
The next Monday Club is on Monday 21st November at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

We plan to have a little bit of fun trying to identify MYSTERY OBJECTS – but we need YOU to bring a mystery object (or several) please, with which to test the knowledge or imagination of others.  Please bring absolutely anything that you think not everyone will recognise or be able to identify.

There will be a prize, of course, for whoever achieves the best record of identifications BUT there will also be a prize for the person who brings the object that defeats the largest number of contestants!

This will be a very light-hearted, sociable evening and everyone is invited, old and young.  As usual, there is no charge and there will be free refreshments.

For those wondering about whether to bring children, please be assured that they will be most welcome to join in and the evening will not last later than approximately 9.00pm.

So do please come on Monday 21st if you can,

Caroline and Jonathan”

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