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Town CrierWe have made some changes to the website’s Home, History, Accommodation, Organisations and Hamsterley Forest pages:




Home Page

Owing to the success of the website, we often have up to twenty active posts, and it is taking quite a time for some users to scroll down the Home page. So, to help, we have made a few changes to the page:
• Reduced the size of the images.
• Made more use of the ‘Continue reading’ facility.
• Removed the ‘Print Friendly’ icon.
• Ordered the event items by date – earliest event date at the top of the page.

We will also try to keep the number of posts to about ten. So, if you don’t see your event on the page, it is waiting in the ‘Pending file’ for an item to ‘drop off’ the bottom of the page.

Home, Accommodation, Organisations and Hamsterley Forest pages

Because it was not very obvious that there were lists of organisations, businesses, etc. on the page listed in the header (and not just on the pages on the drop down menu), users were missing out on information.

To correct this, we have introduced ‘All’ pages – ‘All Organisations’, ‘All Accommodation’, etc. which are on the drop down menus.

We hope these changes will help to improve your enjoyment of the website.

The Hamsterley Website Team.

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