New Police non-emergency number

101Caroline Peacock writes:

You may have heard or seen a media announcement about this new non-emergency Police number already, perhaps.

Apparently Christmas is a particularly bad period for nuisance, hoax and time-wasting calls, so the advice from the head of the Metropolitan Police is:

People must only use 999 in a genuine emergency. Is someone in danger? Is a crime happening? Is someone who has committed a crime nearby?

For other less urgent purposes, 101 will do. 

Certainly, 101 would have done for the woman who called police to complain that her teenage son wouldn’t get out of bed, or the one who rang to say that her hamster was trapped behind a wardrobe – or indeed the one who last Christmas reported a stolen snowman from her front garden.  That last one is on YouTube if you don’t believe me!

Here are two PDF files about the new 101 number:101 Launch (56.5KB), 101 Flyer (75KB).


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