Parish Council – Minutes of AGM and Meeting held on 14th May 2012

Parish CouncilMinutes of the Annual General Assesmbly of Hamsterley Parish Council held at 7.00 pm on Monday 14th May 2012 in The Village Hall, Hamsterley

1. Present: Jane Bee (Chairman), Dominic Bayne, Sue Heslop, Julia Hunter, Jonathan Peacock, Caroline Peacock (Clerk)

2. Apologies: none, and no members of the public attended.  In respect of this latter, JH suggested that in future the Clerk should notify the AGM to the Northern Echo in advance of the meeting and this was agreed.

3. Approval of previous Minutes: JP, JH

4. Matters arising: Wind Mast application at West Shipley Farm, raised by Maurice Dymott at last AGM.  The application falls within the South Bedburn, not Hamsterley, PC area; Hamsterley PC will in due course be notified as a neighbouring Council, and will comment at that stage.

5. New business: SH mentioned the persistent dog-fouling of the Village Greens and drew attention to the Green Dog Walker Scheme being adopted in some parts of the county.  It was felt that there were neither enough offenders, nor enough ‘good’ dog-walkers to make the scheme applicable here but CP would at least enquire whether, in an effort to encourage ‘greener’ behaviour, free poop-bags could be made available by DCC.

Minutes of a meeting of Hamsterley Parish Council held on Monday 14th May 2012 in The Village Hall, Hamsterley following the Annual General Assembly

1. Present: as above
2. Apologies:  none
3. Approval of previous Minutes: JP, JH
4. Matters arising:
a) Replacement trees in front of Vicarage. DB confirmed that these are now planted.
b) Connection of sinks in main street to drains.  Some work had been undertaken to repair the culverts, though JH was not sure that an adequate link to mains drainage had been created.  The recent very wet weather has not flooded the relevant properties, however, so some improvement has been achieved.  DB and JH, both of whom occupy affected properties, will continue to monitor the situation.
c) Village Pond – cleaning of culvert under road. CP continues to try and obtain a response from DCC as to when this work will be undertaken.
d) Village Pond dredging – recent rainfall has filled the pond and two moorhen are present, so any dredging by MC is now on hold until later in the year.
e) Additions to the War Memorial on the Village Green.  JP has now narrowed the list of names down (the list from the DLI failed to distinguish between our Hamsterley and the Derwentside one) and will now discuss with South Bedburn PC.
f) Incidences of cultivation of areas of Village Green had been notified and, this being an offence, it was agreed that letters should be sent reminding those concerned to desist.
g) Dumping of grass clippings or any waste on the Greens is also an offence, and the Councillors will take action against offenders.
h) CP had received on 14/05/12 notification of the Environment  Awards 2012, and it was agreed that she should submit the Hamsterley Litter-Pickers organised by Simon Raine for an award in the new Volunteer Group category and in the ‘natural environment and countryside’ category, and would copy the recent appreciative letter from a visitor in support of that application.

Date of next meeting:            Monday 9th July 2012

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