Facing the Future

Caroline Peacock writes:
“I’ve been asked to share the following with you:

John Wearmouth is  looking for offers from one or two regular users of things like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, mobile phone apps etc. to come to a discussion evening in the Hamsterley Churches Together Centre at 7.15pm on Monday 3 December to chat  with others about  the use they make of them in daily life.  Offers and requests for information  please to johnwearmouth@gmail.com

Facing the Future

Ipods and Ipads, Hashtags and YouTube , Facebook and Twitter. The pace of change seems relentless as it sweeps through the lives of more and more people. Those who are young grow up with it but what about the rest of us?  Should we just let it all wash by and hope we can manage without  it? . . . or should we take an interest,  even if we don’t want to use these new-fangled things, but would  at least like to understand our grandchildren?  What are the benefits and what are the dangers? What is the significance of all this for our daily living now and in the future . . .  for local community life . . . and for the Christian message?

These are some of the issues to be explored in a Discovery discussion evening in the Hamsterley Churches Together Centre at 7.15pm on Monday 3 December. We will be joined by a number of people who are enthusiastic users of the new systems and others to whom it is all a mystery.  Come and listen and add your views if you wish. The evening should  finish by 9pm.

Down the bottom of the hill here, we can’t get a mobile signal at all, but I’m sure some of you will be able to help.”

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