Hamsterley Parish Council – Minutes of Meeting held on 14th January 2013

Parish CouncilMinutes of a meeting of Hamsterley Parish Council held at 7pm on Monday 14th January 2013 in The Village Hall, Hamsterley

1.              Present: Mark Coatsworth (chairing), Dominic Bayne, Sue Heslop, Richard Hughes, Julia Hunter, Jonathan Peacock, Caroline Peacock (clerk)

2.            Apologies:  Jane Bee

3.            Approval of previous Minutes: SH, JH

4.            Matters arising:

a)            Clearing of culvert under road opposite Three Oaks.  This problem is now acute and urgently needs addressing.  JB was writing to George Garlick, DCC Chief Executive, drawing attention to this culvert particularly but pointing out that the same applies to other drains. In JB’s absence no further update.

b)            Village Pond.  Culvert repair under lane to Green View Farm awaiting suitable conditions (MC).

Dredging of pond still on hold but MC will consult Low Barns about best timing.  At present the pond is very full of water, however, and dredging may be difficult.

c)              Request for seat in bus shelter (CP).  This request has been turned down by DCC at present but Steven Bennett has confirmed that the Parish Council may fit a seat at its own expense.

5.              Planning:

a)              Application 6/2010/0302/DM (dating from September 2010) for change of use from agricultural to a mixed use for general log cutting, associated works & erection of log storage building, behind Cross Keys, for Mr S Gibson (CP).  (RH absented himself from this discussion). DCC is now examining the grounds for questioning the legality of this business; the overall view of the Councillors was that the application contained no evidence that the business had been operating on its current scale for more than ten years.

b)              Application 6/2012/0191/DM (dating from 02/07/2012) for demolition of Depot and erection of 3 dwellings to continue Butwell Terrace.  Given the current storage use of the garage, CP would seek to discover whether the application has lapsed or been withdrawn.

6.              Accounts:

a)               In view of the possibly anticipated cost of forthcoming elections and other expenses, the Parish Council will ask for the Precept to be returned to its 2011 level of £2,750.00.  Approved SH, DB.

b)              The bill for use of the Village Hall was duly paid.  Approved MC, JP.

7.              New Business:

a)             JH reported ongoing problems of dog dirt on all village pavements, especially in the area of the telephone booth.  CP would draft a leaflet to be put through all village doors.

Date of next meeting:            Monday 11th March 2013

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