Hamsterley Parish Council – Minutes of meeting held on 11th March 2013

Parish CouncilMinutes of a meeting of Hamsterley Parish Council Held at 7pm on Monday 11th March 2013 in The Village Hall, Hamsterley

1.              Present: Jane Bee (Chairman), Dominic Bayne, Mark Coatsworth, Sue Heslop, Julia Hunter, Jonathan Peacock, Caroline Peacock (clerk).  Also present: Cllr Stephen Hugill

2.            Apologies: 

3.            Approval of previous Minutes: JH, JP

4.            Matters arising:
a)            Dredging of pond (MC) to be completed by mid-March.  DB suggested leaving a portion un-cleared for wildlife reasons and MC agreed that he would not dredge the approximate quarter of the pond that had been done in 2012.
b)            Seat in bus shelter (CP).  Proposal (SH, JP) that a quote for a suitable, simple bench would be sought from Paul Charlton.  Agreed.
c)              Application to the TAP Tourism Small Grants Scheme to support the ongoing maintenance of the Hamsterley Village website.  CP reported that the application had been unsuccessful. Agreed therefore that the Parish Council would support the Village website instead.
d)              JH reported ongoing problems of dog dirt on all village pavements, especially in the area of the telephone booth.  CP had drafted a flyer to be put through all village doors – approved.  SH suggested adding the contact details for dog-fouling reporting.  This will be done, and 200 copies will be printed.  Councillors agreed to share the work of distribution.

5.              Planning:

a)              Application 6/2012/0191/DM (dating from 02/07/2012) for demolition of Depot and erection of 3 dwellings to continue Butwell Terrace.   CP reported that this application has now been approved.
b)              Applications 6/2013/0017/DM/LB and 6/2013/0016/DM for alterations to Cowley House Farm by Mr Peter Monk.  Councillors had no objections.

6.              Accounts:

a)           Invoice for membership of CDALC in the sum of £52.06.  Approved JB, JP.

7.              New Business:

a)             Potholes appearing in local roads (JP).  CP has notified these several times already to Highways.  Cllr Hugill kindly offered to take the matter up at the next County Council meeting and would report back.
b)             Molehills on Village Green (JP).  Proposal that Gary Lowson be approached to do some mole-clearing to a maximum cost of £50, and that the state of the Greens then be reviewed.  Proposed by JB, DB and unanimously agreed.

Date of next meeting:                        Monday 13th May 2013 (this will be the AGM)

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