Hamsterley WI – Report of meeting held on 12th March 2013

WI LogoThe meeting opened with a welcome from our President and then we sang Jerusalem.

The minutes of the last meeting were read and signed.

Hilary gave a report about the Marmalade Festival. Ann, Sue and Hilary visited Dalemain House on Saturday March 2nd to view all the marmalade entries and had a very pleasant day tasting and visiting the trade and craft stands.

Members were asked if anyone was interested in taking part in a Fly Fishing for
Ladies, a training session at Witton Lakes in April. Janet Embleton, Ann Richards
and Hilary Jenkins decided to have a go.

There was a discussion about the article which was in the Mercury magazine a few
months ago about Mary Weir who is over 90 and has been a member for over 70 years.
It had been decided  to send this to WI Life magazine as we felt it was a record
membership and worthy of publication. WI Life replied saying that they do not do
stories about long standing members in case others are offended. we were absolutely
amazed and felt that this should go further and we are also sending a letter to WI Life
with all of our signatures.

The Newsletter was read and members reminded they must voice an interest in the
Peterborough visit.

One or two members have put their names down for the Leighton Hall visit.

There was a discussion about the cancelled county events, as there have been a few
lately. It is a pity that more Durham members do not support their hard working
County Committees.

Our speaker for the evening was Mr Jonathan Peacock and his subject ‘Genealogy’
He commenced his talk by saying we must think why we wish to trace our ancestors.
Also once started , information should be recorded logically.
He gave us many pointers on how to get started, what websites to use and which books to research. There was an amazing amount of information, too much to report, but suffice it to say the talk was very interesting, informative,entertaining and interactive. Mr Peacock
has been researching for many years and is a fountain of knowledge.

The Vote of Thanks was given by Hilary Jenkins.

During our social time the members were asked to sign up for any outings they were interested in as the Outings committee had researched quite a number of venues.

Copies of the information regarding the Denman Bursaries were also available.

The raffle was won by Edith Snell.
The Competition 1st. Ann Walshaw, 2nd. Hilary Jenkins, 3rd. Sue Heslop.

The next meeting is on April 9Th. Cath Cole is the speaker, Topic ‘From Bedpans to
The competition is a Scarf.

All All visitors or new members are very welcome.

Hilary Jenkins.

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