High Speed Broadband in Teesdale

BroadbandCaroline Peacock writes:
“Dear Friends,
If you have read your Teesdale Mercury this week, you will have seen that there is a front page feature about the campaign to get better broadband for residents of Teesdale and Weardale.  There is also a letter about the same topic, by David Kelly, on the Letters page.


There is a local Teesdale Action Partnership broadband group on which Jonathan has been a member from the start – and he says that what is missing from the article is that, unless enough people in Teesdale demand better broadband, the £1.5 million in funding for the project will go £1m to Weardale and only £500,000 to Teesdale.

The only way to alter this disproportionate split is for people in Teesdale to make their views known – and the deadline for doing that is tomorrow!

You can email digital.durham@durham.gov.uk or telephone 03000 261160.

David Kelly’s letter spells out some of the reasons why broadband is becoming increasingly necessary in our lives – and, as we know, there are still quite a lot of homes in Teesdale with no access to broadband at all, let alone good speeds.  So please may I urge you (on behalf of farmers, schoolchildren and college students, job-seekers, elderly residents and many others) to send the County Council a very clear message that it is wrong for Teesdale to be left out!

Apologies for a slight rant but I do feel this is important.”


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