St. James’ PCC Meeting – 17th January 2013

St. James' Church1)   BUILDING & FABRIC.

It was agreed that a Faculty should be sought to replace wooden panels in the screen at the back of the church with clear safety glass. This is to increase the light and to make the font visible to the congregation on the occasion of baptisms.


Hopefully the delays and difficulties encountered with the bank over the change of Treasurer and cheque signatories will soon be resolved and Mrs Fenwick can fully assume the role. In the meantime she will obtain the computer software from the Diocesan Office to enable her to proceed.

It was noted that income from our regular giving falls woefully short of our necessary outgoings in respect of Parish Share, heating and lighting costs and annual insurance premiums. This cannot continue as our reserves are fast diminishing and urgent consideration must be given to try to remedy the problem.


The question of Christmas decorations was discussed at length. It was gratefully acknowledged that volunteers had organised, erected and removed decorations over many years and generally followed traditions that had grown over time.

It was noted however that the season of Christmas does not, in fact, end until Candlemas on 2nd February. It is the Nativity that ends on Twelfth Night. The crib must be removed then but other decorations may remain. It was not considered appropriate that the Christmas tree should be kept beyond 6th January but it should remain in place until then. The Advent Ring, however, should remain in place, and its candles lit at each service, until Candlemas. Hopefully this will clarify the matter and the PCC hopes that differences that arose this year will be satisfactorily resolved.


It is proposed to hold the Annual Meeting of Parishioners to Appoint Churhwardens and the Annual Parochial Church Meeting  immediately after the morning service on Sunday 21st April at the Churches Together Centre subject to arrangements being satisfactory.


It was noted that a new electoral roll is required this year and a timetable for the process was discussed.

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