Hamsterley Parish Council – Minutes of Meeting held on 8th July 2013

Parish CouncilMinutes of a meeting of Hamsterley Parish Council held at 7.00pm on Monday 8 July 2013 in The Village Hall, Hamsterley

1.              Present: Jane Bee (Chairman), Mark Coatsworth (Vice Chairman), Sue Heslop, Julia Hunter, Jonathan Peacock, Caroline Peacock (Clerk)

2.            Apologies:  None received

3.            Approval of previous Minutes: JB, JP

4.            Matters arising:

a)              Clearance of drains. A first step was taken when a DCC team of two came to clear under-road drains into the Pond. JB is writing a further letter to demand, once again, clearance of the roadside drains through the village also.

b)            Village Pond – After discussion, the decision was to approach the Conservation Volunteers.

c)            Seat in bus shelter.  JP had obtained a revised quote from Paul Charlton, which was considerably lower than the alternative quote, and would therefore be accepted.

e)            Moles on Village Green.  JP reported that 8 moles had been taken and one trap stolen.  The Greens are transformed as a result.

f)            Potholes. CP reported that some patching of a very poor quality had been done.  JB would also mention this in her letter.

i)            Lindisfarne Gospels event. CP reported that ‘A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Durham’ in Hamsterley, 30 July, was already sold out.

 5.         Planning:

a)              Application 6/2010/0302/DM for change of use from agricultural to a mixed use for general log cutting, associated works & erection of log storage building, behind Cross Keys, for Mr S Gibson (CP).  Still under officer determination, since September 2010.  CP has requested this go to Committee.

b)              App. no. 6/2013/0013/DM at Roselea House in Hamsterley, for a private riding arena.  Approved subject to appropriate lighting and no public use.

c)              App. no. 6/2013/0074/DM/VP at Glenholme Farm for conversion of cottage from holiday use to residential.  Approved with restrictions.

d)              Planning Application CMA/6/48 for five wind turbines at Windy Bank.  JP reported that this application is now in process but that the case officer will change, as Mr Grant Folley was leaving.  Submission to Committee is anticipated in, perhaps, November this year or early in 2014.  As neither Mr Lewis Stokes of Banks Renewables nor any of his colleagues had been available to attend the current Parish Council meeting, CP would notify him of the next date.

6.            Accounts:

a)                       Annual Audit. JP announced that the Parish Council accounts have passed the Annual Audit.

7.              Date of next meeting: Monday 9 September 2013

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