Hamsterley WI – Report of meeting held on 9th July 2013

WI LogoAnn Richards welcomed everyone and we opened the meeting with the singing of Jerusalem.

The minutes of the last meeting were read and signed.

The outing to Chillingham is to take place on 23rd July. Hilary checked all names and took deposits from those present. All decided whether they wished to see the house or cattle or both. The bus will leave Hamsterley Village Hall at 9am.

Sue talked about the arrangements for the walk on August 13th. This will be in Weardale and for the times to meet please ring Ann Richards or Ann Walshaw. Westgate WI are providing afternoon tea inthe village hall at 4pm. If you do not wish to walk please go straight to the hall for 4pm.

Members were reminded that at the November meeting we will be having a craft stall as last yearso now is the time to start making items for this day.

Hilary gave a report on The Posters and Promotions course at WI House and showed a poster which she has put together.

Sophie Hughes is proposing starting a Hamsterley Craft Club to run in Hamsterley village hall later in the year. If you wish to find out more details you can e-mail her on sophieh1991@googlemail.com

The main part of the meeting had been arranged by the members and our speaker Anita Atkinson was introduced. Her talk was about ‘Royal Memorabilia’ which she has been collecting for many years. There are thousands of items in her collection, a few of which she had on display. Anita is actually in the Guinness book of Records as the person with the most items of ‘Royal memorabilia’ in the world. She told us about her experiences when in London for the Royal Wedding, for which she camped outside Westminster Abbey from the Monday until the Friday.We heard how she was presented to the Queen Mother and how she spoke to The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh when The Queen was
doing a walkabout on her 80th birthday. She also won a competition to go to the Royal Mint to see coins and medals being made. Anita recounted her many meetings with the media from channel 4 to radio 4. Her talk was very interesting and her presentation was entertaining and lively.a very good evening.

The members had made a delicious supper which we all thoroughly enjoyed.

The competition for an item of Royal memorabilia was won by Pauline,2nd Mary, 3rd Ann Richards.

The raffle was won by Mavis.

Hilary Jenkins.

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