Adder Wood

Vipera berus (Photo by Marek Szczepanek)Caroline Peacock writes:
“I have been notified about several people, and dogs, being bitten in Adder Wood in recent days – so I think it may be wise to avoid going for walks there just at present.

“Adder Wood lies to the north side of the village, roughly between Snape Gate Farm and Edge Knoll. There are several well-used footpaths in that area, linking Hamsterley village to Bedburn Beck, and some of these pass through Adder Wood – which is clearly so named for a reason!”

“Further to the news about the presence of adders, I have had the following message from another member of the Residents’ email circulation list:”

I was interested in your note. As you probably know, adders have suffered a massive decline in recent years (though this summer’s fine weather doubtless explains these incidents) and there’s probably only a few thousand populations left in the country, so the Wildwatch branch of the AONB is desperate for information about sightings. They can be emailed on  or, better still, go to the AONB website – – find ‘wildwatch’ under the link to ‘our work’. In the wildwatch section there’s another link to the reptile survey 2012, which is interesting and links to ways of registering a sighting. The fact that the location you mention is outside the AONB doesn’t matter – it all goes towards a regional bio survey.I’m very sorry if anyone or their pets have been hurt but I would urge people not to harm adders – it’s illegal for a start and they are a beautiful endangered creature (not that I would want one for a friend).

“In addition to the above, I am now told that several people have also suffered wasp or hornet stings.  I am sure all of this is to do with the warmer weather, but it will be wise to take care and maybe to carry a sting balm of some sort (I think Wasp-Eze has been discontinued but there are others).  I believe vinegar works too.  Oh dear, the perils of living in this beautiful place!”

Read about adders in Wikipedia.

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