Hamsterley Parish Council – Minutes of a meeting held on Monday 13 January 2014

Parish CouncilMinutes of a meeting of Hamsterley Parish Council held on Monday 13 January 2014 in The Village Hall, Hamsterley.

Present: Jane Bee (Chairman), Mark Coatsworth (Vice Chairman), Dominic Bayne, Sue Heslop, Julia Hunter, Jonathan Peacock, Caroline Peacock (clerk)

2. Apologies: Richard Hughes.

3. Approval of previous Minutes: JH, JP.

The meeting opened with a minute’s silence in memory of Captain Richard Holloway, killed in action in Afghanistan, 23 December 2013.

4. Matters arising:
a) Village Pond – the services of contractor W Marley, Constantine Farm, Hunwick, have been engaged, both for drainage work and for pond clearance.
b) Dog dirt continues to be a major problem on village pavements. The Parish Council now has a supply of dog dirt bags for dog-walkers who find themselves without, and will shortly erect a dispenser. The future use of luminous biodegradable spray paint to highlight dog mess is being considered.
c) In wet weather, damage to the village greens by vehicles is increasing. Residents and their visitors are asked to take care in sticking to use of the existing lanes and are particularly asked not to erode grassed corners.
d) Contract for cutting the grass on the Village Greens. Following advertisements locally, the application window is now closed.

5. Planning:
a) The update on Application no. CMA/6/48 by Banks Renewables for five wind turbines alongside Windy Bank Road has been postponed. Lewis Stokes, of Banks, has now asked to attend the next PC Meeting on 10 March.

6. Accounts:
a) Annual Budget and Precept. The Council is regretfully obliged to raise the Precept, to allow for increases in grass cutting and other regular charges. A Precept of £3,000 has been agreed, an increase of 9% since 2006.

7. New Business:
a) Derek Toon’s request (11/12/13) for sponsorship of the website was agreed.
b) 2014 PC dates: 10 March, 12 May (AGM), 14 July, 8 Sept, 10 Nov.
c) SH reported slate off toilet block roof. CP will write to DCC.
d) JH reported water due to blocked sinks on Hollin Bank causing danger, especially when icy conditions prevail. CP will inform DCC.
e) MC, the current Vice Chairman, notified his resignation from the PC due to his relocation abroad for work purposes. He was congratulated on his appointment, and thanked for his service to the Council.
f) DB proposed that the PC should underwrite the cost of any shortfall in meeting the cost of one of two coaches to the funeral of Captain Richard Holloway and this was agreed.

7. Date of next meeting:​ Monday 10 March 2014

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