Hamsterley WI – Report of a meeting held on 11th February 2014

WI LogoOur meeting opened with the singing of Jerusalem and our President, Janet welcomed members and visitors. Her introduction to the meeting was very lively and humorous.

The speaker for the evening was Lynn Dent and the title was ‘Wooleyback’, The gentle art of knitting. She gave us a short history of  knitting and said it was brought to Britain by the Spanish. Much knitting in the early days was for work wear clothing. It did go out of fashion but was brought back in the 1920’s with men wearing fair-isle sleeveless pullovers. In the 60’s and 70’s it tended to go out of fashion when nylon  came into use and when fleeces became popular. However it is now very much in fashion and many young people are again learning to knit.

Lynn started in her childhood to do crochet work, taught by her grandmother and was not keen to knit as it did not grow fast enough. It was when she was in her twenties she really started to knit in earnest, doing contract work for companies and of course knitting for her family.

Lynn runs the wool shop in the Dales Centre in Stanhope and has a very extensive knowledge of all her yarns and their uses.

She will give any advice and help necessary. She said that knitting can stop smoking and eating as both hands are occupied.

Her last words said supposedly to a young person were,

‘Life is a stocking grandma says and you have just begun, but I am doing the toe of mine and I have nearly done’.

The vote of thanks was given by Sue Davies.

The raffle was won  by Maureen Beadnell.

Winners of the competition for a small knitted bag were 1st. Hilary Jenkins, 2nd Sue Davies and 3rd Ann Richards.

Our business meeting then continued with the minutes of the last meeting.

The teams for the County Quiz and the Pub Quiz were chosen.

Mavis is going as the delegate to the AGM on Tuesday 29th of April, where the speaker is Janet Langley.

There is a scarf collection on that day and they will be for sale.

The next Knit and Natter is on February 19th at the home of Joan McDowell, time 2pm.

A fund raising quiz evening is to be arranged later in the year, to be open to the public for teams to enter, to enter, to be organised by Bob Garten.

The trips for the year were mentioned and lists passed round for members to express their interest. Five separate trips have been suggested for evening, half day and full days, more news later.

The next meeting will be on March 11th, note the time back to 7pm. The speaker will be Margaret Watson, Topic ‘Richard IIIrd.

Competition, ‘An amusing historical fact’.


Hilary Jenkins

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