Hamsterley Parish Council – Minutes of a meeting held on 10 March 2014

Parish Council1.              Present: Jane Bee (Chairman), Dominic Bayne, Sue Heslop, Julia Hunter, Caroline Peacock (clerk)

2.            Apologies: none

3.            Approval of previous Minutes: SH, JP

4.            Additional Agenda Item: Application no. CMA/6/48 by Banks             Renewables for five wind turbines alongside Windy Bank Road. No update was forthcoming.

5.            Matters arising:
a)            Village Pond clearance – subject to an acceptable estimate, the work will be done in the autumn.
b)            War memorial. Thanks would be sent to South Bedburn PC for their research into where missing names appeared on other memorials. Repair and cleaning is now proposed.
c)            Dispenser for dog dirt bags.  JB produced an ideal dispenser made by Alan Bee and it was hoped a position on the wall adjacent to the village notice board would be acceptable. Thanks would be sent to Alan Bee.
f)            Slate missing from toilet block roof. CP had twice reported this, and would do so again.
g)            Blocked sinks on Hollin Bank. Work had been done by DCC but it would now be necessary to wait for more rain, to judge the level of success. CP would report the roadside gullies that have formed this year to the Forestry Commission, and to DCC.
h)            Replacement of two Parish Council members. Thanks would be sent to the two retiring Councillors, Mark Coatsworth and Richard Hughes.

6.               Planning:
a)              Planning Application no. 6/2013/0397/DM for a dwelling and machinery store on land to the west of Wellgarth for Ms Tracey Hull. Ms Hull attended and clarified several points.
b)              Planning application 6/2014/0040/DM/OP for two dwellings behind Pear Tree House. CP would write confirming the view of the Parish Council as written previously in relation to this proposal.

5.              Accounts:
a)             Moles on village greens. Nine moles have so far been taken by Gary Lowdon this season, with a considerable consequent improvement in the greens, though one further area has been reported.

9.            Date of next Meeting and AGM:            Monday 12 May 2014



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