Hamsterley WI – Report of a meeting held on 8th April 2014

WI LogoJanet welcomed all the members and our visitors who came to hear our speaker for the evening, Janet Orme.

We commenced with the singing of Jerusalem. Janet then gave a report from the Presidents meeting which she attended, this was held at St James’ Parkl in Newcastle.

The minutes of the last meeting were read and signed.

The Ladies who lunch enjoyed their meal at the Countryman at Bolam. The next lunch date will be on the 23rd of April at 12.30, the venue is The Quarryburn at Hunwick. If you would like to go please tell Ann Richards.

The Home Economics Competitive Exhibition was mentioned and the schedule sent round.

Members were reminded of the trip to see Gervaie Finn and about the trip to Kirby Thore on April 25th, meeting for the bus at 1pm outside the village hall.

All the events in the County Newsletter were brought to the attention of the meeting.

There was some discussion re the delegate for the national AGM and our reserve , Sue Davies is now attending ably accompanied by Janet who is going as a visitor.

The next committee meeting is on 28th April at 2.30pm.

Janet Orme was our guest speaker, she is a botsanical artist.She spoke about her subject explaining the history behind botanical art mentioning that many of the plants were used through the ages for medicinal purposes and had to be drawn in detail to pass on the information from one generation to the next.Drawings were found in place3s such as the Egyptian tombs and many illustrated books have been written and passed down.Some books included a prayer surrounded by flowers, used in the 15th and 16th centuries to encourage Lords and Ladies to pray.Herbalists were often thought of as witches although the medicinal knowledge had been handed down.

She told us that  the flower known as Dianthus (the flower of God) known to many as a ‘Pink’ got this common name because the edges of the petals  looked as though they had been snipped with pinking shears. Another item was about  the Daffodil bulb which looks rather like an onion but is actually very poisonous. This used to be carried by Roman soldiers in their packs when they went into battle and if they were badly wounded they ate them to hasten a quick death. Eventually plants were put into families  to standardise their names worldwide.

Janet makes beautiful cards and mugs for sale.

Hilary gave the vote of thanks after questions were answered for a very interesting and informative talk.

The competition for a flower card was 1st. Hilary Jenkins, 2nd,Avril, 3rd, Ann Richards.

The raffle  was won by Margaret Henderson and Marie Thompson.

The next meeting on May 13th and will be The Resolutions and a Beetle Drive.

The competition is for Homemade biscuits to be eaten on the night.

Hilary Jenkins

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