Urgent Message ServiceDavid C writes:
HamText 07766 146730
“I am launching on an experimental basis a village text messaging service.

It is intended to supplement the well used lines of communication that already exist in Hamsterley: the Parish Magazine; the village website hamsterleyvillage.com and the village email service caroline@ravensfordfarm.co.uk

My intention is that this texting service will provide a near instant “urgent message only” facility whereby subscribers text their message to the HamText number which then re- broadcasts the message (hopefully within minutes) to all of the other subscribers.

I envisage its uses for example:

  • Calls for assistance “black and white dog found / lost please contact xxxxx” or “lost
  • child / parent / necklace”
  • Warnings: “Church bank closed due to snow drift”; “Tree blown down on Daniel
  • Lane”; “suspicious vehicle seen driving through village GH08 XXX police informed”;
  • “Water off- water board aware”
  • Last minute messages “Tonight’s Event at Village Hall/ Club cancelled”

It is not intended to be a general means of advertising events- the email service, website and magazine are best for that. Depending on usage and feedback I may extend or restrict its use. My hope is that used properly, only a handful of messages will be sent every month.

The system runs manually, that is, it relies on me or another volunteer receiving the text, checking the content (if it is unsuitable it will not be passed on) and then forwarding it to all subscribers. If we are busy, asleep (so night time messages ONLY when absolutely urgent), in a meeting etc, there will be a delay and of course it all depends on the technology working (there being a signal!).

The service is free to all, the cost of the first year will be covered. This is a voluntary service for use amongst friends and neighbours. That means I take no responsibility for the accuracy of the message nor any failure or delay in the messages being passed on.

You do not need to have a mobile phone to receive the messages, once you are subscribed, if you provide a landline number texts can be sent to that number and read out by the BT talking text service.

To subscribe or send a message text: 07766 146730 To unsubscribe text “Unsubscribe” to the same number Please note that voice calls will not be answered.

By using this service you agree that:

  • The initial sender of any message vouches for the accuracy and legality of their message. I take no responsibility for the accuracy or legality of the message nor any failure or delay in the messages beingpassed on.
  • I have the final say on the suitability of any message
  • The service may be withdrawn completely or from any individual subscriber without notice at any time for any reason
  • I will not circulate, sell or pass on your number but cannot take responsibility for any hacked theft of your number.”

David C

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