Annual Parochial Church Meeting

St. James' ChurchMinutes of the Annual Parochial Church Meeting
23 March 2014 during Sunday Eucharist
at St James’ Church Hamsterley.

Present: Jean Fenwick, Jane Monk, Mavis Browne Humes, Val Bartlett, Dominic Bayne, Kira Bayne, Canon Trevor Pitt, Linda Pitt (Secretary) and the meeting was chaired by Ted Bloor (Churchwarden). Apologies: Marney Swan, Julia Hunter. 23 parishioners attended.

Election of Churchwardens
Re-elected: Ted Bloor (proposed Dominic Bayne), Marney Swan (proposed Kira Bayne)


Minutes of 2013 APCM.  Ann Walshaw and Margaret Henderson have both stood down from the PCC.

Apologies: Julia Hunter, Marney Swan.

Mavis Brown Humes is standing down. She was thanked by the PCC for her outstandingly long contribution as a PCC member, but will continue in her other duties as magazine collator and Church Rota planner for St James and the Methodist chapel. Joan Milner (proposed Linda Pitt, seconded Jean Fenwick) agreed to stand as PCC member.
The next PCC will be the 30 April 2014.

Finances. The Treasurer presented her report. Trevor Pitt commented that average planned giving per person is up slightly from £160 to £170 per annum. He suggested that planned projects might clarify the church’s purpose and also enhance resourcing. Ian Bonas wanted to know what the costs were to employ a vicar, i.e. what were the benefits of the parish share to the local church.

Ted Bloor presented the Churchwardens Report.

Electoral Roll. Ted has suggested that people join the electoral roll if they have not already done so, as numbers have dropped. He would supply forms as required.

The Deanery Synod Report was presented as a handout. Unfortunately the parish representative was not able to attend any meetings but was able to provide minutes (from the Deanery Synod meetings held).

Election of Welcomers (formerly known as Sidespersons) It was agreed that there needed to be a team of two in order for the duties (laying the altar, hymn numbers, etc.) to be so worked that someone was always by the door to welcome people on their arrival. Jaquie Holloway and the Heintz family were proposed by Jean Fenwick and seconded by Mavis Brown-Humes.

Election of Independent Examiner. Peter Monk has kindly agreed to stand again, proposed by Jane Monk, seconded Ian Bonas.

Election of 2 Parish Representatives in order to define a profile and interview possible applicants for a new Vicar.  The Chairman asked for other representatives in addition to the churchwardens. Dominic Bayne was proposed by Jean Fenwick seconded by Jaquie Holloway.

There was at this point a break in the meeting for the Gospel reading and Address

Open Forum (AOB).

Ian Bonas suggested a designated amount of funding to be applied, for example, to the heating of the church. Ted Bloor suggested a project to raise money for the new alterations to the main door . Linda Pitt observed that the church needs to be warmer, especially in view of the average age of the congregation; and that a warm environment said much about being a welcoming church.
Jaquie Holloway queried the proposed removal of choir stalls in the sanctuary area. Trevor Pitt said that redundant furniture (there is no likelihood of a choir) says something negative about the use of the building, and that the space could be used for other forms of activity (concert space, alternative forms of worship). Discussion followed.

George Richardson felt unhappy that the APCM was taking place in the Eucharist service. Trevor Pitt explained that the meeting had been deliberately planned  as part of worship (as in other churches in the benefice) to indicate the need to ensure that spiritual life is not held separate from everyday life, and referred to the teaching of Jesus in St. John’s gospel.

The Eucharist resumed with the prayers of Intercession

Next PCC Meeting 30 April 2014

Linda Pitt PCC
26 March 2014

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