Hamsterley Parish Council – Additional Meeting

Parish Council

Banks Renewables Ltd have recently submitted a revised proposal for the wind farm alongside Windy Bank Road (the road that follows the edge of Hamsterley Forest to the west of the village).

Representatives from Banks will attend a specially convened meeting of the Parish Council in the Village Hall on Monday 11th August at 7.00pm to present an update.

Briefly, the key changes are as follows:

Four wind turbines are now proposed instead of five, but they have been raised in height to 125 metres.

The proposed access route for construction would now bring all construction traffic through either Woodland or Hamsterley.  The construction period is expected to last 7 months.

All Parish Council meetings are open to the public, so the Councillors hope that there will be a good attendance when such an important matter is being discussed.

Questions on the night may only be asked by members of the public at the discretion of the Chairman, Jane Bee.

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