Hamsterley Parish Council – Minutes

Parish Council

Hamsterley Parish Council Meeting – 10th November – Minutes

Present: Rachel Atkinson, Dominic Bayne (taking the Chair), Sue Heslop, Julia Hunter, Jonathan     Peacock and Simon Raine

Apologies: Jane Bee, Cllr Heather Smith

  1. Approval of previous Minutes: SR, RA
  2. Matters arising:
  3. a) Village Pond restoration project. It was decided to consult the residents.
  4. b) Dog poo highlighting spray. CP will now buy four cans of yellow spray.
  5. c) Broken bench at west end of village. CP has reported to DCC.
  6. d) Formal opening of new Hamsterley Forest bridge. JB and CP attended the opening; some concern because it is already being widely used by cyclists as well as by pedestrians.
  7. e) Drain/soakaway on Hollin Bank. One drain had been cleared but CP will notify DCC that there are, in fact six such drains on this stretch of road all needing attention. Julia Hunter will meet.
  8. f) Future for the County Durham Association of Local Councils (CDALC). Funding to continue.
  9. g) Removal of Telephone Box. CP reported few in favour of retention, so it will be removed.
  10. h) Winter Salting Routes – leaflets left on display. All three roads will again be treated.
  11. i) Garden Waste Collections – notice indicating new charge of £20 per annum on display.
  12. Planning:

Planning App. CMA/6/48 Windy Bank wind farm proposal.  JP no new developments.

Revised App. DM/14/03009/FPA Wellgarth. Requested decision by Planning Committee.

  1. New Business:
  2. a) The two large stones at the back of the Village Hall should be re placed – JH.
  3. b) On the morning of Thursday 30th October a funeral took place and those attending were shocked to find that the grave for the deceased was still being dug and contractors and machines were still in place – CP would notify DCC with a complaint on behalf of residents and relatives.
  4. c) Remembrance Day service on Sunday 9th CP would write to the PCC, Methodists (who will be in charge next year) and Bap tists with suggestions for future occasions.
  5. d) Wreaths blown off memorial – SH. Decision to fit some discreet wir
  6. e) Moles on Village Green – RA. New budget for mole clearance of £100
  7. Date of next Parish Council Meeting: Monday 12 January 2015


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