Parish Council Minutes – 12th January 2015

Parish Council

Report from a meeting of Hamsterley Parish Council

held on Monday 12 January 2015 in The Village Hall, Hamsterley

Present: Jane Bee (Chairman), Rachel Atkinson, Dominic Bayne, Sue Heslop, Julia Hunter, Jonathan Peacock, Simon Raine, Caroline Peacock (Clerk)

  1. Topics discussed included:
  2. a) Village Pond restoration project. CP reported a very large majority of respondents (41 to 13, many representing households rather than individuals) in favour of clearance, with several advising lining with clay. SH offered conflicting advice about clay lining and favoured now leaving the pond for another season to see how much improved it was by having more water. For information purposes JP was still seeking a quote for clearance and re-lining work, but further work may be impossible this season anyway.
  3. b) Application to local Councillors for support. CP reported that Cllr Heather Smith and Cllr Andy Turner would be supportive of making up any shortfall in funding for the pond work.
  4. c) Dog poo highlighting spray. CP had obtained two cans of biodegradable spray and these would now be used by SH and JH.
  5. d) Broken bench at west end of village. CP had asked for this to be passed to Street Scene but had so far only received an acknowledgment and reference number.
  6. e) Drain/soakaways on Hollin Bank. CP would again ask DCC to contact JH.
  7. f) Complaint to DCC about funeral occasion when grave still being dug. CP had reported this.
  8. g) Conduct of Remembrance Day services. It was agreed that the Royal British Legion advice for the conduct of such remembrance events was appropriate and should be used in future.
  9. h) Attachment of wreaths to war memorial. JP would seek a quote for adding a low iron rail to which wreaths could be
  10. Planning:

Planning Application CMA/6/48 Windy Bank wind farm proposal. JP confirmed that there had been no new developments but a Planning Committee date was thought to be imminent.

  1. b) Revised Application DM/14/03009/FPA Wellgarth. Approved with conditions.
  2. Accounts:
  3. a) JP suggested raising the Precept from £3000 to £3200. After discussion this was agreed.
  4. New Business:
  5. a) A request had been received for the entrance to the school to be protected by zigzag lines, as has been done for most schools in the county. CP would enquire.
  6. Date of next Parish Council Meeting: Monday 9 March 2015


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