Hamsterley Magna Flora – Customise your shed

Customise your shedCustomise Your Shed!

As part of Hamsterley Magna Flora we are keen for children, young people and adults who can’t help themselves to bring along a customised model shed. The base of the shed must be no bigger than A4.

It can stand alone or sit on a board surrounded by model plants, tools, or whatever. Make it out of card, wood, sticks…just let your imagination run riot!

Design your own from scratch, use an old box, or you can print off and cut out the templates here to construct your basic frame.

This is not a competition, it is just for fun and to show off your modelling talents. Entries to be brought to the Churches Together Centre no later than 12 noon Saturday 27th June.

Here’s our free template…..

Shed Plan

Happy modelling.

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