Mi Marra – A poem by Liz Campin

MarrowHave I told you about mi marra?

The first I’ve ever grown.

All I did was stick the plant int’ ground

And God did the rest on his own.

I’ve got this new allotment, yer see,

For three years its been lying fallar,

So I plants mi spuds, beans, leeks and stuff,

Mi strawberries, sprouts and marra


‘Twas a wee little thing when it first went in,

Then like a triffid it grew massive shoots;

Some over the ground, some up the fence,

It’s tiny tendrils supporting huge fruits.


Isn’t nature marvellous?

It doesn’t make a sound,

Yet it never stops working and creating and building

To produce fruit and veg from the ground.


Mind you, it’s pretty good at creating weeds-

Mi allotment’s a jungle in places-

But I chucks ‘em to the hens and the ducks next door,

Or mi compost ‘eap – nothing get wasted.


I remember mi first little pea pod,

Which I picked and savoured on site….

‘Twas a magical moment I’ll never forget,

Like mi first strawberry, first lettuce…that first bite.


It really connects you to mother earth,

You feel part of the intricate cycle.

Our ancestors have been doing this for thousands of years,

And they respect the earth – which is vital.


Anyway, back to mi marra,

I saw it was nine inches long;

I didn’t see it for another two weeks

By which time it had grown big and strong.


With beautiful stripes of yeller and green

It’s the biggest marra I’d ever seen,

A perfect shape, not a blemish in sight;

A work of art, a sheer delight.


I entered it into Hamsterley show

In the class for the ‘biggest and best marraeux’(!)

After the judging it was adorned with a red rosette

Because MINE was the BIGGEST and the BEST!


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