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Enid wrote:

“My father was John Bacon b1919. He had huts on George Raine’s farm at Newhall which we spent many a happy day on in summer. He had a friend called Albert Rivers who lived in Hamsterley Village, his daughter was called Betty and I can’t remember his wife’s name unfortunately. They lived right next door to the Workmens Club. When I was a little girl Betty made me a black and white toy dog which I still have today. I was wondering if the family still lived in Hamsterley and if Betty Jackson is the same person.”

We replied:

“I have spoken to Betty Jackson and I am afraid the Betty you knew is not her. Betty tells me that Betty Rivers married a Malcolm Charlton and they lived in the house next to the one you mention. Unfortunately, Betty died a few years ago. Her husband, Betty believes, still lives somewhere in the area. I hope this has been of some help to you.”

Enid replied:

“Thank you so much for your reply, I remember now that Malcolm was her husband’s name. It is sad she died, however, we have fond memories of her and her family.
I’ll visit the website regularly, there are a few other faces and names I recognise and I do believe spending my childhood at Newhall Farm gave me a good foundation.”

Enid wrote again:

“Hello again, I found a photograph of my father John (Jack) Bacon taken at New Hall Farm, summer 1959 or 60 with Mrs. Raine who was George and Arthur Raine’s mother. Could anyone tell me her d.o.b, christian name and maiden name as I am researching my family tree and have links to the Raine family of Hamsterley. I thought perhaps she was one of the Walton children shown on another photograph on your site taken 1892.”


Dad & Mrs. Raine

You can view the photograph and use it on your site from the link below….

I look forward to hearing from anyone who can help me with this information.”

Jonathan Peacock wrote:

“I can probably help you identify Mrs Raine if you can give me reasonable estimates of the year of birth of her sons George and Arthur. If you can come on August 13th to our village & family history day I can show you how to do it. Please e-mail me at

Edna Maughan (nee Raine) wrote:

“Dear Enid, I remember your father well when he visited New Hall Farm. He came initially with the Scouts. He would regularly visit our farm at Hoppyland to collect the milk they needed. Mrs Jane Raine was my grandmother, she died in April 1965 aged 89, a month before her 90th birthday. Arthur Raine was my father and George Raine my uncle. Uncle George lived at New Hall Farm until he died in May 2003 aged 96 years. My father, Arthur, continued to farm at Hoppyland with my brother Harold and my mother Alice until his death in 1984.

With regards Betty Rivers’s family, a close friend of the our family. Elizabeth (known as Lizzy) was Betty’s mum. Betty’s son, Paul, still lives next to the club at Hamsterley and inherited Lizzy’s house. Betty lived in Roslyn House next door to Lizzy’s.”

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One Response to Bacon

  1. Enid Bacon says:

    Dear Edna,
    Forgive me for not replying to your reply. I am embarrassed to admit I hadn’t looked at this site for a long time.
    I was delighted to hear from you and I feel we have probably met over the years, Dad often talked about your father Arthur and I have met him on several ocassions in the past as a child. I do remember my parents having a cup of tea at your Dads farm and I giggled at your Dad because he had cow poo on his cap, when he saw me laughing he replied “it’s just chewed grass”.
    When I was married about 1974 he allowed my husband and I to pitch a tent for the weekend in a field. It was during hay making and my husband volunteered to help. I remember his hands were blistered really badly with handling the hay bales. We really enjoyed that weekend.

    I have so many memories of Dad and Bedburn. He came with the Boys Club to start at the ripe old age of 16…..we stopped going around 1970 due to Dads ill health and we were all grown up then.
    As a matter of fact my lover and I are going there next week (June 18) to celebrate Dads life, it’s 32 years since he passed away and his favourite viewpoint was looking down at New Hall Farm from the road. It has changed an awful lot but our memories remain the same. We’ll picnic in Hamsterley Forest and I can show him where the open air pool used to be that was built by the P.O.W.’s.
    Thank you for taking time to reply, I really appreciate it. I wish you and your family good health and contentment.


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