Clare Baylis – Joseph William Bradley

Clare Baylis wrote:

‘I wonder if anyone can help me in tracing my ancestors? My grandfather, Joseph William Bradley was born on 1st Jan 1920 in Hamsterley. His father was George Robert Bradley, born in 1884 in Howden le Wear, and his mother was Mary Hannah Hall.  She was born in 1885 in Hamsterley and died in 1937 at Plane Tree House in Hamsterley. If anyone has any information about the two families or can tell me if the house is still standing I would be very grateful.

Peter Braney replied:

“I came across your enquiry while I was studying the Hamsterley website. I am researching my family and have connections on my mother’s side to the village, in particular to Plane Tree House, High House and Pond House. Mum’s surname was Jewitt. Her grandfather was George Robert Garret, born 1865 and her grandmother was Mary Bradley born 1865. The names and places are very close and may suggest a connection. You can see the Braney Family Tree on Ancestry Please have a look and let me know what you think.”

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