Susan Lawrence (Nee Dennison) – William Dennison

Susan Lawrence (Nee Dennison) wrote:

“My Great great grandfather William Dennison was born in Bedburn, Hamsterley in 1828 (23 in 1851 census.) I know he lived at Bedburn Mill and was probably born there. He married Ann Mitchison from Kenton. He later left his wife and family and according to family history ran off with a ‘bit of fluff’! ( My father’s expression.) We have a photo of him as an old man he sent back to his son also William Dennison living in Villiers St, Stockton from Australia! I can’t trace him after that, but he may have had another family in Australia. Any info about parents etc. would be gratefully received.”

Jonathan Peacock replied:

“You have probably spotted William in the 1841 census as well, when he was living at Bedburn Mill – giving his age as 14. his father George was a jobbing smith there, which fits in as at this time the mill was a forge and factory making edge tools (spades etc). His father gave his age as 30, but remember that in 1841 ages were not exact, but rounded down to the nearest 5 years, so he was between 30 and 34. Williams mother was Mary, aged 20-24. They were both born in the county. I was down at the mill site today, and looking at the mill race etc.

“Do come and see us at our village history fair on 13 August. We will be showing, for example, a spade made at this time at the mill.”

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  1. John Dennison says:

    I have a pdf copy of our family tree from George Dennison’s marriage to Mary Kell 09-05-1803 and subsequent marriages to Margaret Dodds in Hamsterley 20-02-1827 and then to Mary Tennick in Bishop Auckland 17-01-1841 and both families off-spring
    The children William, George and Margaret (married William Ambler 2-10-1865) and her 3 children sailed to Otago New Zealand in 1860; 1870 & 1872 respectively. Note:Margaret and son George – 6 months, died on the voyage

    • Susan lawrence says:

      Thanks for the information. I’ve realised William Dennison ended up in Otago.Sailed on the Ajmeer in 1868 with his half brother Thomas. I’ve actually got a copy of the letter William sent home. He married again to a Catherine Chambers there, but his wife was still alive in England! His son also ended up there.He went on to have another son William Edward Dennison there too There’s a lot of info on the New Zealand archives including newspaper articles about him. Don’t know if you’re on Ancestry but if you look at the Lawrence family tree there are a lot of photos and information about the Dennisons.
      Bit puzzled about about George Dennison having 3 marriages . I suspect the one to Mary Kell is someone else/maybe his father. He was born in 1804 and married for the first time at 22 as far as I know. There’s a copy of his first wife’s death certificate( Margaret Dodds) on my tree. If you have a copy of your PDF it would be great.Thanks.

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