Anne Jackson – The Hopes

Anne wrote:

“I am researching my family tree and am hoping to take photographs and document any information that I can find. The family tree has a record of: Joseph Hope, born 1789, brewer – Hamsterley. He married Hannah, born 1791 Southside.”

Jonathan Peacock replied:

“Not much help, I am afraid.  The only Hope I can see in the 1841 census is a David Hope aged 45 (so between 45 and 49).  He was a forgeman down at Bedburn Mill in South Bedburn, which at this time was an edge tool factory making spades and the like.

“No sign of Joseph.  Southside is certainly in the ancient parish, but since 1850 part of the parish of Lynsac & Softley – I have searched their records as well.

“If you can come to our village history day on August 13 we will display, for example, a spade made at the mill.”

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