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Terry Liddle wrote:

“I read recently that Liddle was the most numerous surname, in Hamsterley, in the 1881 Census. I am searching my family history, I’ve found it is linked very much to the area. I wondered if there was anyone who might have any information about the Liddle Family and could help.”Jonathan Peacock replied:

Jonathan Peacock replied:

“I hate to be unhelpful, but I have to say I disagree with your published source. The only Liddles I have are Edward, who had a holding in Lynesack in 1757 and William, who held West Rackwood Hill farm in 1841. Here the common names include Hodgson, Garthorn, Hall, Amory, Heslop Raine and so on.
Is it possible your book was referring to the other Hamsterley, on the Tyne?
If you gave me some more information about your own family I would see if I could help. You can get in touch with me on

Terry Liddle then wrote:

“The information I found was on: which said Liddle was, in 1881,”top surname by occurrence” and there were 17, followed by Hodgson, 16 & Henderson, 15. With regard to my family, my G.G.Grandfather, Joseph Liddle was born in Butterknowle in c.1810. He married Ellen (Eleanor) Myers, b.c.1816, Bishop Auckland. However I came across a marriage of Joseph “Little” to Ellen Myers, 1832, by Banns at a church(??) in Hamsterley. Also in 1841 Census there is a Joseph “Little” and Ellen and their children, address given as Wham, Lynesack and Softly. The details given all seem to tally with later info. I have for Joseph Liddle and his family. i.e.children, dates, etc. Unfortunately, I can’t say for certain that the 2 other “Littles” in the 1841 census at Lynesack, (John age 60 & Christopher age 25) are related or not even tho’ Christopher “Little” is shown as witness to the Hamsterley marriage. So, Joseph’s brother and father?? .Not sure!
Hope I’ve not been too long winded.”

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