Hazel Million (nee Pam Guy) – The Million Family

(See also the Jolly family)

Hazel Million writes:

“I would like Margaret, who was at the village history day, to contact me again, regarding her grandparents, the Jolly family.”

Roy Million replies:

“I was just looking through local village websites and came across your name. I am doing the Million family tree. Please could you tell me your husband’s name, parents, and grand parent. I am willing to share info with you. Thank you Roy Million.
PS, I was born in Toft Hill, 1949.”

Hazel Million replies:

“My ex husband’s name is Tommy Million, his father was also Tommy Million, his grandmother was Meg Million, all of Toft Hill.”

Margaret Howe writes:

“Pam, I dont know if you got my reply, it just disappeared. I am afraid things like that happen to me! I will try to leave my email if it will let me:, if you would like to email me. I am really pleased to hear from you.”

Margaret Howe writes:

“Hi Hazel, Great to hear from you. I would love to hear if you have more news about my grandparents the Jolly family. I am really pleased to hear from you and so sorry I have taken so long to reply. I hope to hear from you soon.”

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  1. Trevor Williams says:

    I have some Millions in my family., all from Cockfield.
    Thomas Million married Frances Ann Stevens 6 April 1875, and they had several children:
    John Watson Million
    Ada Million
    Albert Million
    Amy Ann Million
    Stevens Watson Million
    William Sutton Million

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