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Kate Mcintyre wrote:

“I am researching my family in Hamsterly – the Moses family. They seem to live most of the time in Witton le Wear, but there are loads of references to marriages and burials in St Helens, St James and a marriage in 1848 in the Chapel of Hamsterley – interestingly enough that marriage is my gggg grandmother Ann Moses to the School master – Richard Boddye (not Baddye). I would like to track down these churches and find out if I have more relatives still living in Hamsterly. One of my ancesters was called Isabella Moses (1773) and she married Thomas Surtees, I’ve heard the name Surtees before, is it famous in the area? I’ve managed to get back to 1712 – Thomas Moses who died in Southside Durham and buried at St James Hamsterley. The other surnames I have come across are: Longthorn, Dodds, Dixon, Burnip, Tennant, Maddison and my most favourite ancestor was called Grizel Linsay – born sometime in the 1600′s! Hope someone can help.”

Nancy McClearn replied:

“I have just read your request for info on the Moses family and I noticed the the name Richard Boddye. A man of the same name was a witness at the marriage of my grt x2 grnd-father and mother on Dec 1st 1838 in the Chapel at Hamsterley. We also think that Williams mother was Elizabeth Moses born 1789 but have been unable to verify this as there were two Chapman families living in the same place. Any info to clarify would be helpful.”

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  1. Joan Harris says:

    I am descended from Thomas Moses born 1716 in Hamsterley. The family moved to Witton Le Wear to work in the mines. My ancestors left England with the Durham mining company and worked the deep leads around Ballarat, Australia after the alluvial gold disappeared in he 1850’s.
    I have an early family tree given to me by someone in Melbourne and I would be happy to share that with you.

  2. Kate McIntyre says:

    I would love to see any info you have Joan – my email address is
    Nancy – who are the Chapman family and William??
    Hoping this message will post as the last one wouldn’t.

  3. Jonathan Peacock says:

    Hi Kate, Nancy and Joan

    Forgive me, but I am not sure why you, Kate, have said that Thomas Moses was buried in Hamsterley in the early 18th century. My index of the grave-yard only shows James Moses of Bishop Auckland who died 13 July 1930, and his sister Elizabeth, died 12 June 1935 and his brother George Oliver, died 12 June 1938 and his brother Joseph, died 2 November 1941.

    With respect to the churches, the anglican church in Hamsterley is dedicated to St James. St Helens refers to the church in West Auckland, which is originally called St Helen Auckland; anciently it was more significant than Bishop Auckland, although these days it is a minor suburb. Originally Hamsterley was a chapelry in the parish of St Andrew, Auckland, which was the parish which came to include the chapelry of St Helen as well. In very early times it was a collegiate foundation under the monastery at Durham, which later became the cathedral.

  4. Karen Meredith says:

    I have traced my GGG Grandmother (well actually my deceased father did) to be named Mary Ann Moses, born 4/1/1838 in North Bedburn Durham, who married a Robert Bell and came out to Australia (buried in the Daylesford cemetary). I too am decended from Thomas Moses, born in 1716 in Hamsterly Durham. I would be willing to talk to anyone who is interested.

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